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Dry Land
        by Ruby Rae Spiegel

2024 | director & producer | Theatre Works

Amy is a striking teenager with rough edges and harsh eyeliner. On the precipice of adulthood and with dreams of being a writer, Amy has the chance to make a future for herself beyond her infamous reputation at high school. But when she faces an unplanned pregnancy, Amy must seek help from her teammate Ester, an awkward but talented swimmer with as many secrets as Amy.

Dry Land by Ruby Rae Spiegel is an unflinching play about reproductive rights, the resilience and intimacy of young women, and what happens in a girls' change room after a high school swimming pool has closed.

Big Ben versus The Void

2023 | director & producer | The Motley Bauhaus

Tomorrow when the world ends, one man will survive alone in his apartment with nothing but his Amazon Alexa for company.
Combining storytelling, technology and puppetry, Big Ben versus The Void is a new play about what it means to have humanity in times of crisis.

   by Nick Enright

June 2022 | director | Platform Arts

It’s Toby’s 18th birthday party down on the beach — and that should mean heaps of drinking, dancing and fun. But by the morning a young girl is found dead.
Who is responsible?

Blackrock is an intimate and strongly shaped drama which examines the social forces behind the impulse to violence in individual lives.

   by Artemis Muñoz

December 2021 | director | Victorian College of the Arts 

Two follows Kit as they navigate the landmine of feelings and rollercoaster relationship dynamics during their pregnancy. This is a fun and quirky play that champions diverse queer identities. 

Big Ben versus The Void
   by Olivia Staaf & collaborators

October 2021 | creator | Victorian College of the Arts (online)

Big Ben versus The Void is the epilogue to a performance work that is yet to be performed. It is the aftermath of the aftermath of the end of the world. This digital promenade experience through an archaeological relic from the future asks: how do we tell our story when we believe there is no one left to hear it?  

A Recorded Companion
   by Lily Thomson, Callum Cheah & Olivia Staaf

24 - 29 November 2020 | director & producer | Melbourne Fringe

If a world is made up of sounds and only you can hear them, does that mean they're yours?

A Recorded Companion is an immersive at-home audio experience designed to comfort listeners with the dreams and memories of a world less lonely. 

Melbourne Fringe Access and Inclusion Award Winner 2020

person in a turtleneck holding a cassette player, their head has been replaced with a black cat head

by Sarah Matthews

October 2020 | director | MUST

Daisy has a lot going on in her life right now. As she unpacks her groceries, she also unloads her emotional baggage. Nothing fixes things like a good cup of tea. 

The Great Australian Play
   by Kim Ho

19 - 29 February 2020 | directing placement | Theatre Works

A psychedelic romp through the myths of our glorious nation's past, present and imagined future. Featuring vanishing conmen, Nazi German dingo scalpers and an ancient evil force, this is the dazzling epic we've been waiting for. 

man as colonial frontier holds a play and reins of a horse to the left in front of red theatre seats
woman in a red top sits in a classroom she holds a phone up to her left ear with her right hand

   by Lachlan Liesfield

25 October 2019 | director | MUST

Exploring our varied relationship with language, Signs challenges the habitual ways we communicate with each other and the world around us. 

The Golden Age 
   by Louis Nowra

30 May - 8 June 2019 | director | MUST

On the brink of World War II, two men happen upon an isolated tribe in the Tasmanian wilderness. Despite intentions of cultural preservation, the tribe is stripped of their long-held autonomy, inevitably leading to tragic consequences.

Inspired by a true story, The Golden Age  interrogates the complexities of a modern culture built upon colonial values. 

a woman in a dirty hospital gown, hands and head up to the sky screaming on black background (stage)
man in left foreground on stage in the background water spills from above the set down behind man

   by Justin Monjo & Nick Enright

6 May - 16 June 2019 | directing placement | Malthouse Theatre

The house at number one Cloud Street is a great continent where two damaged clans collide. The power of this staggering Australian saga is more haunting than the ghosts who speak out from the walls. It's more elusive than the serial killer who prowls their neighbourhood. It's transcendent, like the Lambs and the Pickles themselves, whose lives and loves live on today. 

After Hero 
 by Jean Tong and Jessica Bellamy

26 September - 6 October 2018 | performer | Malthouse Theatre

Two heroes are on a quest—for understanding, for identity, maybe even just for the hell of it. But what makes someone a hero? What does that word mean? When you don’t fit a definition that has existed for millennia, what do you even call yourself? 

Cultures clash and traditions unravel as the tried-and-true storytelling we grew up with is pulled apart with irreverence, daring and a healthy dash of the absurd.

five people in tunics dance around in a circle under red stage light. In the circle is a drummer
a woman lies on the stage looking up at a blonde man on her she reaches her hand up to his face

Vinegar Tom
   by Caryl Churchill

10 - 19 May 2018 | assistant director | MUST

Witch trials. Torture. Death. 17th Century England is no place for strange behaviour. Rising Puritan extremism and a resurgence of plague-era isolationism has created an air thick with tension and fear. No woman is safe. 

The Late Night Late Show: Live!
   by Justin Gardam

7 - 13 April 2017 | assistant director | MUST

Chet Seletto's ratings are plummeting. In a misguided attempt to revitalise his career, he decides to do his late night talk show live for the first time in ten years.

TV studio talk show desk and couch the host and three guests on set look offstage to the left shock
side portrait photo of person with red hair and green hoodie she is in a white tent with soft light

Memento Mori
  by Chris Edwards

8 -17 September 2016 | performer | MUST

Love and Death. Two things we literally all experience. Well, hopefully.

Memento Mori is a bold multi-venue work that explores these two everyday occurrences; the inescapable facts of life that can hurt us, help us, change us and make us.

Noises Off
 by Michael Frayn

13 - 21 May 2016 | performer | MUST

A fiendishly ingenious homage to the theatre, Noises Off presents a play within a play, and farce within farce, in what is often called the funniest play ever written.

The piece centres on a dysfunctional troupe of second-rate actors, as they rehearse and perform a B-grade British farce, ‘Nothing On’. Everything that could possibly go wrong does, as the emotional and accident-prone actors fumble their way through their regional tour.

woman in frumpy pink shirt and white cardigan on the phone she sits on a striped couch on set
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